International Workshop on Cyberspace Technologies and Societies (IWCTS2004)

January 27, 2004
Tokyo, Japan
In conjunction with SAINT2004 Conference.

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International Workshop on Cyberspace Technologies and Societies(IWCTS2004) provides technical discussion among researchers, developers and users of cyberspace systems from academia, business and industry. This workshop focuses on research in cyberspace technologies, governance, and their advanced applications.

Over the past decade, we have seen the rapid evolution in information technology and its applications, especially in social aspects. The global transition of society demands new prospective technologies, and these technologies introduce new frameworks of the society as cyberspace applications. These cyberspace applications, such as e-commerce, e-government, e-learning or e-community, require new types of knowledge modeling and implementations. Such cyberspace knowledge provides capabilities to manage and compute various types of media resources. For constructing the cyberspace knowledge, further progress of cyberspace infrastructures, which includes the mobile, wearable and secure network technologies, are widely required. This workshop offers the opportunity for in-depth exploration of selected topics and for the presentation of the most recent research and development findings in these rapidly changing fields. Areas of particular interest include:

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